Isnin, 30 Mac 2009

Parking issue

Recently, lots of red notices were given to the cars’ owner that parked their car at mahallah and also at KOM. SRC receives lots of complaint regarding this issue. Actually a week ago, SRC was invited to attend a meeting with administration of IIUM together with security unit. During that meeting, lots of things were being discussed to solve the problem of parking area in our campus. We also rise up some issues especially regarding not enough parking in mahallah area and also fine given to the students. The problem started when there are two constructions in progress which are our new library behind KOM and also Kulliyyah of Pharmacy building on the left side of KOM. Because of the constructions, most of the parking area that was used before was closed. From the respond given by the students, they were not agreed with the system that IIUM used by giving the notices. IIUM should provide the proper place to park the vehicles first before any notices or fines are imposed. The hospital park that was said should be used as parking area is not suitable for that purposed because it may damage the car unless the area is turned into proper parking area. However, according to admin, IIUM do not has enough budget to built a parking area there due to imbalance global economic nowadays. Another meeting will be set by IIUM administration to discuss on this issue. On our part, SRC will try to get latest update on this issue as soon as possible and we will try to discuss with administration to search for the best solution for all. We welcome any suggestions from all of you so that better solution can be made. Insya Allah.

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riaizzatirazali berkata...

salam jaja. sgt la x berpuas hati terhadap security. and mahallah. and admin jugak. pernah x awak tgk parking diorang? i mean KOM la. sgt2 kosong parking dia. n diorg still jugak parking kat tepi2 jln tu, sbb nak dekat dgn office masing2.

and regarding the parking space kat mahallah, erm. where does they expect us to park? if parking kat tpt basket tepi cf ni, apa slhnya? x ganggu pon kot, bukannya ktorang sje je park kat situ tp mmg dah terpaksa. amek parking staff kena saman, parking tepi kena saman, tatau kenapa konon2 alasan bus nak lalu. lagi2 kalau dia issue saman kul 7 pagi, erm. quite unreasonable la kan di situ. xpela if kt alih before gi class, before 8. erm. harap boleh mempertimbangkan la. tq. =)

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